Colour Courses

Colour Courses

Colour courses in New Zealand


Personal Colour Workshops

For our Home, office, and Wardrobe


Who are these courses for

These courses are suitable for anyone who has an interest and passion for colour.

People working in the grey corporate world.

These workshops are also suitable for anyone who works in the field of colour, interior and fashion designers, makeup artists and graphic designers.


Course Content

Understanding colour through the basic colour theory, psychology, culture and branding.

How to create harmony between who you are and what surrounds you.

This course helps you to open your eyes to colour, giving you an awareness that enriches your life.

Surrounding yourself with the right colour, shades, hues and tints, will help you to:

Transform your mood.

Uplift and give you more energy.

Wearing the right colours reflects a flattering light instead of a dark draining shadow.

Like the walls of our home, we need to understand what colour combinations work with our complexion.


1 to 2 Day Courses

Leave the workshop with a sense of achievement and practical knowledge.

Our consultants are fully qualified interior designers, colour analysts, and university lecturers.