Colour Courses

Colour Courses

Colour courses in New Zealand


Blanc Colour Confidence Courses

For Sales And Marketing Staff


Using the right colour combinations lifts the mood and increases productivity in our home or workspace.

Learning the theory of colour and how to use the colour wheel gives us an awareness and confidence in how colours work together and why.

Learn how colours affect us psychologically. Everyone makes conscious and unconscious assumptions on our colour choices, bring awareness to your colour choices.

Blanc Colour workshops help you to know exactly what you are communicating, you will learn how to harness the power of colour. Colour has a profound effect on human behaviour. It has different meanings for different people.


Bespoke Colour Courses

These tailor-made teaching sessions will open your eyes to the power of colour, enabling your company to reap the benefits improving productivity and motivation thereby increasing sales.

One, Two, Or Three - Day Workshops

The workshops are not designed to turn sales staff into designers or colour consultants, but to enable everyone involved in the process to:

• Project a confident and knowledgeable approach when dealing with customers.

• Appreciate fully how getting colour right for the customers enhances sales.

• Understand basic colour theory and learn the best techniques on how to combine colours together to achieve positive responses.

• Learn tricks with colour, understand how using colour can heighten or lower space, alter the perspective mood and style.

• Learn about the brief history of colour, giving staff a cultural awareness of colour.

• Avoid sending out mixed messages about colour myths.

• Put a stop to expensive mistakes and unhappy customers.

• Understand colour psychology and how it can be employed in sales techniques.


Leave the workshop with a sense of achievement, and practical knowledge as well as an academic understanding of colour.


"The delivery of the course was very hands-on, interactive and memorable. Amazing course, keep sharing the knowledge."
- Dan

"I definitely feel more confident on how to engage customers. There is so much to learn, this course has opened my eyes to colour."
- Kelly

"This course has helped put the theory into practice. It has been fast-paced but easy to understand, pretty good all round. Great course, loved it."
- Greg